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MatcherApps™ found at matcherapps.com is an online website with the purpose to share information about the MatcherApps™ platform technology, owned by Pockethunt Oy (Ltd.) with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland (“Service”). 


About us


This Service is provided by Pockethunt Oy (hereinafter “Pockethunt”, “we”, “us” or “our”). The company is registered in Finland with Business ID 2685292-2 and our official address is Itämerenkatu 5, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland. 


Terms of use


These Terms and Conditions of Use (including documents that refer to these) concern all users of the Service and are legally binding. You must read and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use before using the Service. By using the Service, you are providing your approval of these conditions and commit to adhering to these conditions. If you cannot accept all the Terms and Conditions of Use or you are unable to adhere to these, you shall not use the Service.


Code of Conduct


Our Code of Conduct exists to ensure a safe platform for our visitors to use. These rules apply to all users who agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.


Safety Rules

  1. Harassment and abuse: No targeted harassment of individuals or incitement of other people to do so.
  2. Hateful conduct: No promotion of violence against, threats against, or harassment of other people on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.
  3. Privacy: No sharing of personal information of other people without their expressed consent.
  4. Authenticity: No impersonation of individuals, groups of people or organizations in a manner that misleads or deceives others.
  5. Violence: No threats or glorification of violence against individuals or a group of people.
  6. Graphic and sensitive content: No sharing of violent, gory or adult content.
  7. Illegal goods or services: No use of the Service that promotes or furthers use or sales of illegal or regulated products or services.
  8. Intellectual property: No violation of other people or organizations’ intellectual rights such as trademark or copyright.

Receiving rights to use the Service and using the Service


To be eligible to receive rights to use the Service, you must

  • Commit to providing honest and correct personal information whether you decide to sign up for the waitlist;
  • Understand that the Service only functions in the geographical locations (“Domain”) where it has been advertised as operating. Under no circumstances shall Pockethunt be held liable for any costs, infringements or other matters, such as damage compensation caused by you using or attempting to use the Service outside of its Domain;
  • Make sure you have the use of an appropriate mobile connection and/or broadband internet connection that you pay for;
  • Refrain from using the Service in any illegal or inappropriate manner, and make sure nobody else does.


Parties adhering to the agreement and terms of use


The parties adhering to the agreement and terms of use are website users and Pockethunt.


Devices, systems and usability


Your possibilities for using the Service depend on whether you are using compatible devices, systems and connectivity. Before using the Service, you must make sure and test that you have all the devices, systems and connectivity that are required for proper use of the Service.

We may occasionally decide with which devices the Service will be compatible.


Please understand that the availability of the Service can be affected by congestion on the data networks or by other network, ISP, electrical, computer or other communication problems or faults, and that Pockethunt shall not be held responsible for unsuccessful use of the Service due to cases of congestion, problems or faults.


The waitlist


When using the Service, you can alternatively choose whether to sign up to the waitlist with your name, email and company name. The purpose of the waitlist is to provide Service related information and announcements to subscribers.


Service alterations


At its own exclusive discretion, Pockethunt can alter the content of the Service.


Interrupting rights of use


At any time, Pockethunt is entitled to interrupt your use of the Service. Special reasons for interrupting the service or removing the profile can be if:

  1. you are using or suspected of using the Service in an illicit manner,
  2. you fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use.


Customer support


You can contact Pockethunt’s customer support service by sending an email to support@pockethunt.com.


Intellectual property rights


The entire content of the Service is protected in accordance with the laws of Finland or other nations. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights for material, documents, data or content forming the Service belong to Pockethunt. By using the Service, you will not

  1. copy, publish, duplicate or make the content of the Service publically available or authorise anybody else from doing such;
  2. download, forward or share any of the content of the Service as your own or charge any fees for viewing the Service;
  3. twist, convert, remove, reverse engineer, back translate, deconstruct, alter or otherwise tamper with any security, encryption or other technologies or software that are a part of the Service.

No proprietorship rights to the Service or any of its content will be transferred to you.


Infringement of these conditions and intellectual property rights is always treated as a serious infringement of these Terms and Conditions of Use, thereby entitling Pockethunt to immediately shut down your access to the Service and/or remove your rights to use the Service, or to engage in any other means to prevent the continuation of the unlawful activity.




You shall not attempt to bypass the security system of the Service or test the security of the Service.


You shall not use the Service in any way that can cause damage, close, overload, harm or compromise other uses from using the Service. This covers all sending or forwarding of material that contains software viruses or other computer codes, files or applications that have been designed to damage, interrupt, harm, destroy or restrict the operation of any computer software or device that is either directly or indirectly associated with the Service.


You shall not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any computer system, network, content or data that form the composition of the website, Service or Service systems. Furthermore, you shall not attempt to gain access to material or data that is not intentionally made available by or through the Service.


Infringement of the above conditions is always treated as a serious infringement of these Terms and Conditions of Use, thereby entitling Pockethunt to immediately shut down your access to the Service and/or remove your rights to use the Service, or to engage in any other means to prevent the continuation of the unlawful activity.


Our responsibility


The Service is provided “as it is” and we hold no responsibility for the flawless or accurate nature of the content, information, Service or material provided by or via the Service.


Pockethunt shall not be held responsible for damages that are caused by using services offered by third parties by or via the Service or Website.


Compensation in situations of contractual infringement


If you infringe these Terms and Conditions of Use or the regulations of currently valid legislation, and your infringement leads to damages incurred by Pockethunt, you are obliged to compensate Pockethunt in full for any and all such damages.


Data Protection Practice


We process your information in accordance with our data protection practice (more information about our data protection practice in our Privacy Policy). By using the Website or Service, you agree to this processing.


Links on the Website


This Website may contain links to websites owned by third parties. Pockethunt does not monitor the contents of these websites and therefore is not responsible for these or any losses or damages that can be incurred by the use of such.


Jurisdiction and applied legal provisions


If any conflict arises between Pockethunt and the consumer, the parties shall primarily attempt to resolve the conflict by mutual agreement. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the conflict shall be exclusively resolved by the Finnish court system. Regardless of the above, the consumer always holds the entitlement to take the case up with the Consumer Complaints Board in accordance with Finland’s Consumer Protection Act.




Pockethunt reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions of Use or make additions to these by altering the Website.

Pockethunt recommends that you stay up to date by regularly visiting the Website. All significant alterations/additions will also be notified to you via email.


Assigning the agreement to a third party


This agreement is only valid for individual customers and individuals representing a company, and the user 

shall not assign this agreement or any of its rights or related responsibility to any third party. Pockethunt holds the right to assign this agreement or any part of this agreement to a third party.


Full agreement


These Terms and Conditions of Use together with the data protection policy (Privacy Policy) of Pockethunt form a full agreement between you and Pockethunt, and replaces all earlier written and verbal agreements related to the content of this agreement.


Force majeure


Pockethunt is not to be held liable if the Website or Service does not function, is not available or has a fault, or for any delays in adherence to these Terms and Conditions of Use if the aforementioned are caused by any instance that is beyond the reasonable control of Pockethunt. The above also concerns a situation whereby a potential subcontractor of Pockethunt has experienced the abovementioned force majeure, and Pockethunt was unable to rely on an alternative subcontractor.


Contact details


If you have any problems using the Service or any other questions related to the use of the Service, please email us at support@pockethunt.com