A Search & Match Platform with Customizable Engagement Features

The MatcherApps™ platform technology can be acquired as a whole, or tailored by selecting key features and end-user clients of your choice.


Anonymous Use for Enhanced Privacy

You can choose whether content consumers can use the platform anonymously, or not. All features support anonymous use cases and thus, offer full privacy control for your community members.


Customizable Web, Android & iOS Apps

Publish products, jobs, courses, events or social posts with a web or mobile client, developed with React and React Native.

Content consumers get personalized and matched posts to their mobile app feeds based on their profile criteria.

Customizable Matching – the Heart of the Platform

The criteria-based matching algorithm opens up possibilities to match platform users with relevant niche content. The match feature also provides content publishers with instant listings of relevant content consumers – by relevance order.


Customizable match criteria include top categories with subcategories, locations (Google Places API), money ranges, different check-box criteria, and platform user types.


Match criteria can also be weighted with the built-in scoring system, to emphasize certain criteria over others.

A few words to our tech-minded friends:

For speed and efficiency, recent matching results are always stored in the cloud platform cache.

Swiping on Mobile for a Social-like User Experience

Inspired by social apps, we decided to use the ‘swipe up’ user experience on mobile.

Swiping is the new norm nowadays, as people spend up to 80% of their screen time by just swiping content with apps.

The Web Application for Power Publishers

Power users deserve easy-to-use and fast features. And that’s exactly what we offer with the web application.


The MatcherApps™ web app is developed together with real end-users.


Real-Time Chats & Messaging

Reach out to your matches with a direct message, or wait for them to reach out to you.


The real-time chat feature notifies both publishers and consumers instantly of new messages by emails and/or push notifications.

QuickSearch™ – Criteria Based Searching to Find Platform Users

Find any users instantly on the platform with your desired criteria. Reach out to top matching users individually, or with customizable mass emails.


In addition to real-time matching, QuickSearch™ displays preliminary match results before hitting search.

A few words to our tech-minded friends:

This is an index-based search algorithm close to bit-level programming. Very memory-efficient, and extremely fast.


User Management with a Simple Foldering System

Whatever your business case is, you always want to manage top prospects and customers. We offer the simple foldering system.


Upon requests, we’ll develop our APIs for your specific needs.

Prospect Outreach – Get Even More Out of Searching & Matching

As an extension to the QuickSearch™ -feature, you can reach out to content consumers and ask whether they are interested in your content.


Define your match criteria –  then search – and reach out to selected people with a customized message, asking for their interest by a “one-click” -response effort.


Interested people will automatically be added to a pre-named and saved folder in the folder section (web app).


And as with all of our features, this one can also be developed to match your specific needs. 


Reach Out or Join the Waitlist

MatcherApps™ opens up in October 2022. Join the wait list to be the first to know when we launch.