Our Five-Year Development Journey Started with Mobile Recruitment

Our journey began by solving the problems of traditional recruitment by simplifying the entire process. 


We focused our efforts on user matching, automated talent sourcing and user experience. 


Originally built under the brand Pockethunt, MatcherApps™ was built to humanize the matching process. 


Now after being tried and tested, we offer our tech to the rest of the world. 


MatcherApps™ is crafted by a dedicated group of mobile and web development professionals in Helsinki, Finland. 


Featured in the Finnish Media

Our Story

2017: On a cold and dark winter day in Finland (pick any day at random and it will have been cold and dark), we came to the obvious realization that no one liked looking for work on traditional job boards.


Job listings all looked the same, you never really knew what the company culture was like, and then you had to jump through hoops to get a conversation started with HR.


And on the flip side, professional headhunters and recruiters spent too much time prospecting on every platform, which if we’re being honest, is equally as fun. ATS software made prospecting even more robotic and you never really quite knew the personality behind the soulless resume and cover letter.


So we decided to change that.

Pockethunt Team Image

On a Mission to Speed Up People Matching

Our mission was to simplify the sourcing process and make it a little bit more fun for everyone involved. We wanted to match employers with professionals who actually wanted to work with each other. After all, great business relationships occur naturally, when the right people meet in the right place.


On these core values, we combined the best practices of professional headhunting with entertaining mobile tech into a neat bundle – and Pockethunt was born.


We officially launched the first version of the Pockethunt app to the world in 2018. With it came a robust matching algorithm, anonymous browsing, instant messages and a lighting-fast user experience.

A New Platform for Matching Content with Relevant People

In 2022, we’re developing and expanding the MatcherApps™ platform to help businesses across the world to launch and grow their own communities.

We believe our tech has the capability of creating solutions that reach far beyond the recruitment industry. So that’s where we’ve put our focus.


And if we’re being honest, we just love building cool products and solid software. And we want to keep it that way.


We’re still located in Helsinki. And we’re still dealing with cold and dark winters.

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