Match Content with Relevant People

MatcherApps™ is a white-label matching software that creates an easy way for businesses to serve the right content to the right audience.

Opening up in October 2022.

What is a White Label Matching Software?

MatcherApps is a modular white-label matching software. Any business can customize the platform technology, or parts of it, for their specific needs.


Common use-cases for matching are when businesses want to publish, search, match and connect content (or people) with people.


Industries such as recruitment, finance, travel, fitness, comparison platforms, eCommerce, and online dating often rely on matching.

HR & Recruitment

Do you want to create a platform and connect job seekers with employers?

The HR and recruitment industry was the inspiration for MatcherApps™ technology.

See how Pockethunt used MatcherApps™ to match and connect freelancers with clients.


Travel & Leisure

Do you want to reach people looking for travel and holiday destinations?

Publish travel and holiday offers directly to your loyal customer’s phones.

Art & Crypto Galleries

Are you producing art, photography, or NFTs for sale?


Build a platform where you and your community can share their best art pieces and collectibles for purchase.



Do you want to build a niche dating platform?


The world is begging for a new way to meet people. And the MatcherApps™ Search & Match feature offers more than just swiping right or left.

Do You Want to Get a Sweet Deal with MatcherApps™?

We're always looking for new case examples and referral clients using the MatcherApps™ technology. Feel free to reach out, and let's discuss a good deal.

Rich Features with a Customizable Matching Algorithm

Publish and match content for any audience with fully customizable targeting criteria. Fine-tune the matching algorithm and beat your industry competition by providing more relevant content.


Content publishers have access to the web application with power-user features. Content consumers will enjoy the mobile application with a ‘swipe-up’ user experience.

A Validated Android & iOS Onboarding User Experience

MatcherApps™ was developed with a mobile-first mentality. See what users have said about the platform on the App Store and Google Play.
Google Play and AppStore badges

Kylian W.

“Really amazing design, smooth to work with. Overall an amazing app…”

Linda S.

“I am really glad I found this. It’s well designed, runs great on my device and I can really recommend it. The new chat function is a great addition.”

Romeo D.

“Very clean looking UI, it’s easy to use and very helpful for a lot of people!”

Vasavi K.

“Smooth and beautiful UI. And the work flow was quite good. Great work by developer.”

Justin D.

“Nice looking app and very easy to use.”

Secure signups and logins with email or social accounts are handled with Auth0.

Achieve Scalability With a Modern Tech Stack


Our modern tech stack is adjustable for popular cloud platforms. Also, the data- and infrastructure can be tailored to exact client needs.


MatcherApps™ platform features can be acquired separately or as a whole, including source code.

Reach Out or Join the Waitlist

MatcherApps™ opens up in October 2022. Join the waitlist to be the first to gain access to our tech.